Despite economic and social change, female employment continues to be stigmatized in Uganda. Women are more likely to work in informal, low-wage jobs with exploitative and unequal working conditions, and have restricted access to affordable, quality financial products and services, like a savings account or small loans. Although 90.5% of women borrow and save money to start a business in Uganda, many do not borrow enough and therefore face challenges in sustaining their businesses and achieving financial independence. In response to the promotion of women’s empowerment, social engagement and financial independence, through gender mainstreaming and skills development, HOHA supports scaling up of women empowerment services in Districts of Jinja, Iganga, Luuka and Kamuli.  Women have always faced issues in business and having access to loans to grow their businesses. HOHA has been able to succeed in empowering women through different projects as talked about below; –

  1. HOHA Neighborhood


The harsh reality is that many women in Africa have been left to bear the brunt of war, poverty and disease. Millions of our sisters have been abandoned and robbed of all dignity. Uneducated and unemployable, they are left to suffer alone.

But together, we’re changing this by providing adult literacy classes, discipleship, business skills training and job opportunities. As we embrace these women with God’s love, they find hope and purpose.