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With immense gratitude, HOHA Family would like to wholeheartedly applaud the indispensable technical and financial support provided by Individual sponsors, staff, support teams, groups, ministries, organizations and partners, in Building a Vibrant resilient and self-reliant sustainable communities throughout the years.

Your unwavering support, belief and faith propelled our Vision of ‘attaining a self-empowered community’ for sustainable Development at the grassroots. It is deeply satisfying to witness the impact of our model to Enrich, Empower and Educate thousands of Rural & Semi-Urban Women, young mothers, Youth and Adolescent Girls for sustainable Livelihoods.

Thank you for walking this journey with the #Hands of Hope Team in making our dreams a reality. You can support us by DONATING, FUNDRAISING, FOLLOWING, INVITE FAMILY, VOLUNTEER, SHARE or TRAIN with us Today!

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Background of the Founder

Hands of Hope Africa was founded in 2019 by Namara Jane a young Ugandan woman who saw an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of those from underserved, marginalized and vulnerable backgrounds similar to hers.

“I grew up from a typical Ugandan family of 9 children and I was told that our parents didn’t have enough money to meet all our need. So, every child had to find their own way they needed. At the age of 5 years, I moved to the streets as my siblings minded their own business, until after some time when I was lucky enough and a certain woman picked me from the streets, nurtured me, educated me and loved me like her very own children.

Went to the university and graduated with bachelors in accounting and finance. I was told that my mum was given in marriage at an early age of 15 and never had a chance to go to school. This still happens in my village and many others like that.

So, after my studies I decided to help young girls like me especially the orphans and those on the streets as a passion and also as a way of giving back to the community hence the establishment of hands of hope Africa in 2019.

If a parent doesn’t have enough money to pat school fees for all their children, they usually choose to educate the boys. And so, girls are often given out in marriage at tender ages. Alternatively, in order to help with house hold expenses and pay fees for a few of their siblings, children are expected to work at jobs such as selling fruits and vegetables and working as maids This is honest work but causes these children to miss out on their own education and opportunities it brings.

Founder: Jane Namara

Our Approach

We use a bottom-up approach as we seek to establish everlasting impacts that are focused on providing hands on practical skills tailored towards community empowerment and development that is aimed at increasing people's income as a way of reducing unemployment and poverty levels in Uganda at least by 0.002% by 2030.

We work with the rural community members, private sector, National & International NGOs, civil societies in empowering people to live happier and more meaningful changed lives as little about the future of society is inevitable bound by our shared humanity. We believe through collective efforts; we have the power to shape our societies and communities for everyone to live in happily.

Core Values


We Promote a culture of openness and transparency in our program’s executions.

Team Work

We work well together in building better communities for all.

People Participation

We are inclusive and empowering at all levels of execution of programs.

Result Oriented

We strive for a lasting impact by Creating a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.

Our Strategic Objectives

To promote Entrepreneurship Engagements of communities and allies globally.

To increase agricultural productivity to enhance food security and incomes of rural women and youth.

To enhance Child Protection through facilitating Advanced Childhood Effects trainings and CIVIC education.

To empower Adolescent Girls and Young Women to engage in policy advocacy and good governance to establish favorable economic and health policies.

To enhance access to appropriate knowledge and skills development for school going children and youth at all institutions of learning.

To develop effective management capacity building through skills and knowledge development, information management and networking.

Partners Of HOHA

Nrupesh Jhalla

During his own time ,over the last 5 years Nrupesh has ...

Umesh Shah

Umesh Shah was born in Kenya and now resides in the UK