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Welcome to HOHA

With immense gratitude, HOHA Family would like to wholeheartedly applaud the indispensable technical and financial support provided by Individual sponsors, staff, support teams, groups, ministries, organizations and partners, in Building a Vibrant resilient and self-reliant sustainable communities throughout the years.

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Bringing hope through charity

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Attaining self empowered communities

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Building a Vibrant resilient and self-reliant sustainable communities...

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Community Sensitization & Advocacy.

HOHA conducts community sensitization programs and hopes to be able to develop these as opportunities arise. There are many issues to be addressed such as the rights of women and girls, domestic violence, health (particularly regarding sexual health due to the culture of polygamy that increases individuals’ exposure to STDs), hygiene, diet and nutrition. In […]


PROGRAM BACKGROUND Nutrition and food security are critical areas that HOHA works to ensure that the welfare of beneficiaries particularly in rural areas with high cases of malnutrition (among children, teenage mothers, pregnant mothers and persons with disabilities), food insecurity, low agricultural output, high poverty levels among others are addressed. Approach incorporated into the locally […]


Despite economic and social change, female employment continues to be stigmatized in Uganda. Women are more likely to work in informal, low-wage jobs with exploitative and unequal working conditions, and have restricted access to affordable, quality financial products and services, like a savings account or small loans. Although 90.5% of women borrow and save money […]


The education system in Uganda is quite different from what you see in developed nations. In order to attend school, students must pass entry exams and pay school fees in advance of each term. Classes are based on an assessment of the student’s ability, as opposed to their age. Therefore, there is often a broad […]